with our Trackman Indoor Simulator Technology

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• Play 18 holes in one hour, and simulate shots/ scenarios just like you would on a golf course.

• Off season is no longer in your vocabulary. Don’t get depressed about putting your clubs away for the winter.

• Play the Cave and choose from over 100 courses to keep your game strong all year long.


• Driving Ranges and Club Comparison- Warm up on the range or master your club distances and swing dynamics with club comparison, shot data, and instant feedback.

• Chip and Putt- Practice situational short range shots as much as you want and keep your score low.

• Closest to the Pin- Practice your favorite Par-3 over and over to help you get it on the green every time.


Game Improvement Tools

• Shot Data- receive key information in real time

• Club Fitting- compare all aspects of different clubs making it easier for you to decide which club to use for certain shots

• Optimizer- see the true potential of any given shot

• Compare video and shot data side by side


Have Fun

• Improve accuracy with window smash

• Work on chip accuracy with a fun dart game

• Choose from various game-play modes for friendly competition


Why Indoor Golf

BYO Food and Drinks

No need to wait for the drink cart to come around. Feel free to BYO food and drinks and Play the Cave.


Ability to Improve

Our technology can’t be duplicated outside. The data, visual recording, and accuracy of indoor golf provides tremendous feedback for game improvement.


There is no such thing as an off- season, rain delay, or canceled tee time due to the weather.



The typical 18-hole round can take up to 4.5+ hours on a public course. Indoor golf allows the average golfer to play a full round in 45 minutes to one hour.


Work on your game or take a lesson in complete privacy.


Unfamiliar with the structure of the game and golf etiquette? No worries, many beginners face the same issue. Indoor golf allows players to re-write the rules with no intimidation and no mandatory collared shirts.



Learn to play golf in the privacy of your own GolfCave

without intimidation or onlookers.

And for the more seasoned golfer, we’ll show you how to utilize

our advanced technology to improve your game.

Bring in your own golf pro, or take a lesson with a pro recommended by us.